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Automated testing

Automated software tests Geometry programming: Degenerate cases, numeric issues and unexpected geometric settings make a developer’s life hard. Automated software stress tests with random data are essential to discover bugs early. But creating random polygons without self-intersections is for example not trivial. For convenient debugging the module testDataGenerators can be used to create Random simple […]

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Face List

Face list Storing a triangulation as a list consisting of three indices per triangle is a common task and leads to a frequently asked question that reads as follows: “Creating a triangulation with Fade is fast. But when I store a face list of vertex indices it runs forever. What is wrong?”. The basic answer: […]

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Progress Bar

Progress Bar Fade is very fast but huge models take a few seconds and it would be nice to update your progress bar. There is an easy way to connect your software’s progress bar with Fade. Step 1: Create your own class Create some custom class that derives from MsgBase so that it can receive […]

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