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GEOM_FADE25D::IsoContours Class Reference

IsoContours uses a fast datastructure to compute intersections of horizontal planes with a given list of triangles. More...

#include <IsoContours.h>

Public Member Functions

 IsoContours (std::vector< Triangle2 *> &vTriangles)
 IsoContours (std::vector< Point2 > &vCorners, const Vector2 &dirVec)
double getMinHeight ()
double getMaxHeight ()
bool getContours (double height, std::vector< std::vector< Segment2 > > &vvContours, bool bVerbose)
void getProfile (const Point2 &p, std::vector< Segment2 > &vSegmentsOut)

Protected Attributes

std::vector< Triangle2 * > vTriangles

Detailed Description

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ IsoContours()

GEOM_FADE25D::IsoContours::IsoContours ( std::vector< Point2 > &  vCorners,
const Vector2 dirVec 

Experimental feature

IsoContours can be used to create profiles (slices). This is a new and still experimental feature.

vCornerscontains 3*n points to specify n triangles.
dirVecspecifies the slice direction to compute profiles

Member Function Documentation

◆ getContours()

bool GEOM_FADE25D::IsoContours::getContours ( double  height,
std::vector< std::vector< Segment2 > > &  vvContours,
bool  bVerbose 

Get Contours

Computes the intersection of a horizontal plane at a certain height with all triangles and returns a vector of assembled polygons and polylines.

◆ getMaxHeight()

double GEOM_FADE25D::IsoContours::getMaxHeight ( )

The the maximum height

Returns the largest z-coordinate

◆ getMinHeight()

double GEOM_FADE25D::IsoContours::getMinHeight ( )

Get the minimum height

Returns the smallest z coordinate

◆ getProfile()

void GEOM_FADE25D::IsoContours::getProfile ( const Point2 p,
std::vector< Segment2 > &  vSegmentsOut 

Get Profile

Experimental feature: Computes slices orthogonal to the direction specified in the (experimental) constructor.

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