Developed projects

I develop under Windows and Linux, where C++, STL, Boost, OpenMP and CGAL are important tools. I have experience with geometric algorithm development, recent developments are:

  • The kernel of the CAE tool MERGE which was a long term project by order of Magna. Since 2015 development is continued by order of Engineering Software Steyr.
  • The RCT-Library (Rotational Contour Tracer) as component of a programming solution for CNC machines.
  • The C++Library Fade2D: Fade2D is a numerically robust and very fast multithreaded Delaunay triangulation library for 2D points and segments. Fade2.5D is an extension which triangulates 2.5D points, it features additional components to work with terrains.
  • The Library Fade 3D, a 3D Delaunay tetrahedralization library for C++.

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