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License related functions


#define WOFLIC_GRACE_OK   11
#define WOFLIC_TRIAL   13
#define WOFLIC_INVALID   14


int GEOM_WOF::getLicenseState ()
 Check the license state. More...
bool GEOM_WOF::activateWof (const char *key, bool bSystemWide)
 Activate WOF license. More...
bool GEOM_WOF::deactivateWof ()
 Deactivate WOF license. More...
bool GEOM_WOF::extendTrial (const char *key)
 Extend Trial. More...

Detailed Description

Macro Definition Documentation



WOFLIC_ACTIVATED means the software is activated



WOFLIC_GRACE_EXPIRED means the software is activated but re-verification (no internet) has failed for a long time. Invalid.


#define WOFLIC_GRACE_OK   11

WOFLIC_GRACE_OK means the software is activated but re-verification has failed (valid for the grace period)


#define WOFLIC_INVALID   14

WOFLIC_INVALID means there is no valid license (trial, product-key)


#define WOFLIC_TRIAL   13

WOFLIC_TRIAL means the trial period is still active

Function Documentation

◆ activateWof()

bool GEOM_WOF::activateWof ( const char *  key,
bool  bSystemWide 
keyis the purchased software key
bSystemWideis true when the activation data shall be stored system-wide. Otherwise the activation is made for the current user.
When the system-wide activation is chosen (bSystemWide=true) then the application needs admin-priviledges.

◆ deactivateWof()

bool GEOM_WOF::deactivateWof ( )

Deactivates the WOF license on the present computer so that the key can be used on another machine. When system-wide activation has been used before this call may require admin-priviledges.

◆ extendTrial()

bool GEOM_WOF::extendTrial ( const char *  key)
keyis a trial extension key that you can request for your non-commercial research project (see the guidelines) or for an extended commercial test period.

◆ getLicenseState()

int GEOM_WOF::getLicenseState ( )
WOFLIC_ACTIVATED when the software is activated
WOFLIC_TRIAL during the trial period
WOFLIC_GRACE_OK when activated but verification has failed (no internet access) which is valid for a grace period
WOFLIC_GRACE_EXPIRED when activated but verification has failed (no internet) for a long time
WOFLIC_INVALID otherwise (trial expired, no license)