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FADE3D::Facet3 Class Reference

Side of a tetrahedron. More...

#include <Facet3.h>

Public Member Functions

 Facet3 (Tet3 *pTet_, const int opp3_)
Tet3getTet ()
int getOpp3Index () const
int getIntraTetIndex (int ith) const
Edge3 getEdge (int ith) const
bool operator== (const Facet3 &other) const
bool operator!= (const Facet3 &other) const

Detailed Description

A Facet3 is one of the four sides (triangles) of a tetrahedron and it is represented by a Tet3 pointer and the opposite IntraTetIndex.

Facet (0,1,2) of a tetrahedron, selected by opp3=3

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ Facet3()

FADE3D::Facet3::Facet3 ( Tet3 pTet_,
const int  opp3_ 
pTet_is a pointer to a Tet3
opp3_selects the side of pTet

Member Function Documentation

◆ getEdge()

Edge3 FADE3D::Facet3::getEdge ( int  ith) const

Get the ith edge of the facet

ith{0,1,2} selects the edge to be returned

◆ getIntraTetIndex()

int FADE3D::Facet3::getIntraTetIndex ( int  ith) const

Get the index of the ith vertex of the facet

◆ getOpp3Index()

int FADE3D::Facet3::getOpp3Index ( ) const

Get the IntraTetIndex

the IntraTetIndex of the tetrahedron which selects the side

◆ getTet()

Tet3* FADE3D::Facet3::getTet ( )

Get the Tet3

◆ operator!=()

bool FADE3D::Facet3::operator!= ( const Facet3 other) const

Check if two Facet3 objects refer to a different triangle

◆ operator==()

bool FADE3D::Facet3::operator== ( const Facet3 other) const

Check if two Facet3 objects refer to the same triangle

true if the present Facet3 and other refer to the same facet and false otherwise
Inner facets of a triangulation are shared by two tetrahedra, thus the same facet can be expressed with two different Tet3 objects and opposite indices.

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