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WOF Documentation pages v1.05
WOF Documentation

WOF C++ Point Cloud Mesher / Mesh Remesher

  • Point Cloud to Mesh - Fast surface reconstruction
  • Mesh to Point Cloud - Quality Point Cloud creation
  • Mesh to Mesh - Mesh melting samples a (complex or damaged) mesh and reconstructs it from the point cloud

WOF is as an executable, a static and a dynamic C++ library Windows and Linux.

Download WOF

  • Command line application wof.exe for Windows and Linux
  • C++ Library, static and dynamic for Windows and Linux
  • C++ Example code shows how to use the library

Documentation Download WOF and Docs
Documentation as PDF Download WOF v1.05


The WOF project is commercial. Nevertheless the focus is not (only) on the commercial side but also on gaining feedback and use-cases so that the project can grow in the right direction. Thus a long 180-days trial license is provided and students can request a free research license for their non-commercial research. Feel free to download WOF. Play around with the WOF executable and the library and let us know how it works for you.

  • Trial license, 180 days, included
  • Student license, free for non-commercial research (see the guidelines)
  • Commercial license

Release Notes and Version History

Version 1.05, July 6th, 2021:

  • Improved mesh melting

Version 1.04, April 3rd, 2020:

  • Static and dynamic linking is now available
  • CMake improved, Visual Studio project, Makefile
  • Example data exchanged

Version 1.03, March 23rd, 2020:
First official release of the WOF software:

  • Readers and Writers for the *.ply, *.stl, *.asc, *.bin, *.list file formats exist now
  • A Mesh-to-Cloud method has been added
  • An API has been made
  • The library has been tested for memory leaks
  • Documentation pages have been written

Version Beta2, October 2019

  • Reconstruction quality improved
  • Library versions added

Version Beta1, March 2019

  • This software is developed since 2016 when it was a module of the Fade2D software.
  • For flexibility reasons the whole point cloud topic has been been moved to the separate WOF project now.