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GEOM_WOF::ProgressBase Class Referenceabstract

Base class for progress subscribers. More...

#include <wof_api_definitions.h>

Public Member Functions

virtual void update (const std::string &s, double d)=0
 update More...

Detailed Description

A progress subscriber class can be derived from ProgressBase to receive progress updates from the WOF library.

A simple terminal progress bar could be derived like this:

class MyProgressBar:public GEOM_WOF::ProgressBase
// WOF calls the update method with d={0.0,...,1.0}
void update(const std::string& s,double d)
cout<<"\n"; // New message, line feed
cout<<("Progress(\""+s+"\"): ")<<d*100.0<<" % \r"<<flush;
if(d>=1.0) cout<<endl;
std::string lastMessage;
Base class for progress subscribers.
Definition: wof_api_definitions.h:107
virtual void update(const std::string &s, double d)=0

Member Function Documentation

◆ update()

virtual void GEOM_WOF::ProgressBase::update ( const std::string &  s,
double  d 
pure virtual

This method must be defined in the derived class. It is called whenever the progress changes and thus it should be computationally inexpensive.

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