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GEOM_WOF::TimerC Class Reference

Timer class. More...

#include <TimerC.h>

Public Member Functions

 TimerC ()
 Constructor. More...
double stop ()
 Timer stop. More...
double get () const
 Get the elapsed time. More...

Detailed Description

TimerC measures the time consumption between two calls

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ TimerC()

GEOM_WOF::TimerC::TimerC ( )

At construction TimerC stores the current time

Member Function Documentation

◆ get()

double GEOM_WOF::TimerC::get ( ) const
the elapsed time in seconds between TimerC construction and the first call to TimerC::stop(). When the timer has not been stopped then the time since construction is returned.

◆ stop()

double GEOM_WOF::TimerC::stop ( )
the elapsed time since TimerC construction in seconds

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