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WOF Documentation pages v1.17
WOF Documentation

WOF C++ Point Cloud Mesher

  • Point cloud to mesh - Fast surface reconstruction software
  • Mesh to point cloud - Quality point cloud creator
  • Mesh to mesh - Convert a mesh into a point cloud and reconstruct it from there

WOF is as a C++ library and command line executable for Windows and Linux development.

Download the WOF library and command line application

There are two WOF builds:

  • WOF PURE comes without any dependencies so it can be integrated smoothly. It includes a 500 000 points student/eval license.
  • WOF LM comes with a license manager (LM) and allows an unlimited number of points during the trial period.

Both variants contain a dynamic C++ library, a command line application, C++ examples and documentation.


WOF is a commercial project with maintenance and support.

  • A free student license for non-commercial research and evaluation is included in the PURE build. It allows 500 000 points.
  • The LM build includes an evaluation license for research and commercial tests. It is unlimited during the trial period. If you want to use WOF in your commercial project, please contact the author and give as much information as possible.

Release Notes and Version History

Version 1.17, May 1st, 2024:

  • Enhanced Performance
  • New Hole Closing Algorithm: Successfully closes complicated holes without requiring 2-manifold surfaces.

Version 1.16, December 7th, 2023:

  • Bugfix in estimateAvgSpacing()
  • Default for –numGrowSteps in wof.exe adapted to 1

Version 1.15, December 6th, 2023:

  • Hole closing improved

Version 1.14, August 24th, 2023:

  • Algorithms optimized, WOF is much faster now
  • Memory leak fixed.
  • Better quality

Version 1.13, January 18th, 2023:

  • Support for RGB color
  • Memory leak fixed
  • Performance improved

Version 1.12, Sep 29th, 2022:

  • New hole closing algorithm, use the -H option
  • Stability improved

Version 1.11, May 23rd, 2022:

  • Bugfix when no work in progress bar
  • New function estimateAvgSpacing() to estimate the density of a point cloud

Version 1.10, May 7th, 2022:

  • Progress bar support
  • Two separate variants: PURE and LM
  • Extended API for detailed control over mesh reduction, mesh smoothing and edge flips.
  • C++ example improved

Version 1.09, March 16th, 2022:

  • Laplacian smoothing removes noise
  • Edge flips fit the triangulation to the thought surface
  • Mesh simplification reduces the number of triangles
  • Better performance
  • Multithreading improved
  • Bugfixes
  • Enhanced C++-API

Version 1.08, February 17th, 2022:

  • Another bugfix

Version 1.07, February 16th, 2022:

  • Bugfix in yesterday's version

Version 1.06, February 15th, 2022:

  • Mesh melting improved.
  • Tiny holes due to poor sampling are better avoided.
  • Bugs solved.
  • Quality improved.

Version 1.05, July 6th, 2021:

  • Improved mesh melting

Version 1.04, April 3rd, 2020:

  • Static and dynamic linking is now available (static linking since v1.10 to reduce the complexity)
  • CMake improved, Visual Studio project, Makefile
  • Example data exchanged

Version 1.03, March 23rd, 2020:

First official release of the WOF software:

  • Readers and Writers for the *.ply, *.stl, *.asc, *.bin, *.list file formats exist now
  • A Mesh-to-Cloud method has been added
  • An API has been made
  • The library has been tested for memory leaks
  • Documentation pages have been written

Version Beta2, October 2019:

  • Reconstruction quality improved
  • Library versions added

Version Beta1, March 2019:

  • This software is developed since 2016 when it was a module of the Fade2D software.
  • For flexibility reasons the whole point cloud topic has been been moved to the separate WOF project now.