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GEOM_FADE25D::EfficientModel Class Reference

EfficientModel. More...

#include <EfficientModel.h>

Public Member Functions

 EfficientModel (const std::vector< Point2 > &vPoints)
void go ()
void extract (double maxError, std::vector< Point2 > &vEfficientPointsOut)
 Extract a subset of points. More...

Protected Member Functions

void part1_extractFC ()
void part2_setWeights ()
void sortVtx (std::vector< Point2 *> &vVtx)
int insertKeepError (double maxErr, std::vector< Point2 *> &vA, std::vector< Point2 *> &vB)
void insertMinHull ()
void show (const std::string &name)

Protected Attributes

EMData * pEMData

Detailed Description

Point clouds from terrains collected by scanners are often oversampled. The present class aims to reduce these point clouds in a controlled way such that the resulting surface keeps a certain user specified quality.

EfficientModel is pre-released. But quite some further functionality like automatic line recognition and simplification exists already under the hood and will be completed soon. Thus the interface of the present class may change in the near future.

Member Function Documentation

◆ extract()

void GEOM_FADE25D::EfficientModel::extract ( double  maxError,
std::vector< Point2 > &  vEfficientPointsOut 

This method extracts a subset of the original point cloud that represents the model more efficiently. Thereby the original and the simplified model cover the same area.

maxErroris the maximum height difference between the original points and the simplified model.
[out]vEfficientPointsOutis used to return a subset of the original points that represents the model more efficiently.

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