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GEOM_FADE25D::MsgBase Class Referenceabstract

MsgBase, a base class for message subscriber classes. More...

#include <MsgBase.h>

Public Member Functions

virtual void update (MsgType msgType, const char *s, double d)=0
 update More...

Detailed Description

MsgBase is a base class from which message subscriber classes (for example widgets, progress bars, ...) can be derived which then receive messages (progress, warnings, ...) from Fade.

See also

Member Function Documentation

◆ update()

virtual void GEOM_FADE25D::MsgBase::update ( MsgType  msgType,
const char *  s,
double  d 
pure virtual

This method must be defined in derived classes. It is automatically called everytime Fade has a message of type msgType.

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