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GEOM_FADE25D::Vector2 Class Reference

Vector. More...

#include <Vector2.h>

Public Member Functions

 Vector2 ()
 Default constructor. More...
 Vector2 (const double x_, const double y_, const double z_)
 Vector2 (const Vector2 &v_)
 Copy constructor. More...
int getMaxIndex () const
 Get max index. More...
bool isDegenerate () const
 isDegenerate More...
double length () const
 Get the length of the vector.
double operator* (const Vector2 &other) const
 Scalar product. More...
Vector2 operator* (double val) const
 Multiplication. More...
Vector2 operator/ (double val) const
 Division. More...
Vector2operator= (const Vector2 &other)
 Assignment operator.
Vector2 orthogonalVector () const
 Get an orthogonal vector (CCW direction)
void set (const double x_, const double y_, const double z_)
 Set the values.
double sqLength () const
 Get the squared length of the vector.
double x () const
 Get the x-value.
double y () const
 Get the y-value.
double z () const
 Get the z-value.

Protected Attributes

double valX
double valY
double valZ

Detailed Description

This class represents a vector in 2D

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ Vector2() [1/2]

GEOM_FADE25D::Vector2::Vector2 ( )

The vector is initialized to (0,0,0)

◆ Vector2() [2/2]

GEOM_FADE25D::Vector2::Vector2 ( const Vector2 v_)

Create a copy of vector v_

Member Function Documentation

◆ getMaxIndex()

int GEOM_FADE25D::Vector2::getMaxIndex ( ) const
the index of the largest component (0,1 or 2)

◆ isDegenerate()

bool GEOM_FADE25D::Vector2::isDegenerate ( ) const
true if the vector length is 0, false otherwise.

◆ operator*() [1/2]

double GEOM_FADE25D::Vector2::operator* ( const Vector2 other) const

Scalar product

◆ operator*() [2/2]

Vector2 GEOM_FADE25D::Vector2::operator* ( double  val) const

Multiply by a scalar value

◆ operator/()

Vector2 GEOM_FADE25D::Vector2::operator/ ( double  val) const

Divide by a scalar value

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