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Delaunay Features
testDataGenerators.h File Reference
#include "Point2.h"
#include "Segment2.h"
#include <vector>

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void GEOM_FADE2D::generateCircle (int numPoints, double x, double y, double radiusX, double radiusY, std::vector< Point2 > &vCirclePointsOut)
 Generate a circle. More...
void GEOM_FADE2D::generateRandomNumbers (size_t num, double min, double max, std::vector< double > &vRandomNumbersOut, unsigned int seed=0)
 Generate random numbers. More...
void GEOM_FADE2D::generateRandomPoints (size_t numRandomPoints, double min, double max, std::vector< Point2 > &vRandomPointsOut, unsigned int seed=0)
 Generate random points. More...
void GEOM_FADE2D::generateRandomPolygon (size_t numSegments, double min, double max, std::vector< Segment2 > &vPolygonOut, unsigned int seed=0)
 Generate a random simple polygon. More...
void GEOM_FADE2D::generateRandomSegments (size_t numSegments, double min, double max, double maxLen, std::vector< Segment2 > &vSegmentsOut, unsigned int seed)
 Generate random line segments. More...
void GEOM_FADE2D::generateSineSegments (int numSegments, int numPeriods, double xOffset, double yOffset, double xFactor, double yFactor, bool bSwapXY, std::vector< Segment2 > &vSineSegmentsOut)
 Generate segments from a sine function. More...
void GEOM_FADE2D::shear (std::vector< Point2 > &vPointsInOut, double shearX, double shearY)