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FADE3D::Visualizer3 Class Reference

Geomview visualizations.

#include <Visualizer3.h>

Public Member Functions

 Visualizer3 (const std::string &filename)
void closeFile ()
void openFile (std::string filename)
void writeBall (Ball3 *ball)
void writeBall (const Point3 &center, double weight, bool bTransparent=false)
void writeBalls (const std::vector< Ball3 > &vBalls, bool bTransparent=false)
void writeSegment (const Point3 &src, const Point3 &trg, const std::string &c)
void writePolygon (std::vector< Point3 > &vPoints, const std::string &c)
void writeTetrahedron (Tet3 *pTet, const std::string &c)
void writeTriangle (Triangle3 *pT, const std::string &c)
void writeTriangles (std::vector< Triangle3 *> vTriangles, const std::string &c)
void writeBbox (const Bbox3 &bbx, const std::string &c)
void writePoint (const Point3 &p, unsigned lineWidth, const std::string &color)
void writePoints (std::vector< Point3 > &vPoints, unsigned lineWidth, const std::string &color)
void writePoints (std::vector< Point3 *> &vPoints, unsigned lineWidth, const std::string &color)

Static Public Member Functions

static std::string getNextColor ()
static std::string getColor (unsigned ith)
static std::string getColorName (unsigned ith)

Static Public Attributes

static std::string CLIGHTBLUE
static std::string CDARKBLUE
static std::string CYELLOW
static std::string CPINK
static std::string CBLACK
static std::string CLIGHTBROWN
static std::string CDARKBROWN
static std::string CORANGE
static std::string CPURPLE
static std::string CGRAY
static std::string CLIGHTGRAY
static std::string CRED
static std::string CGREEN
static std::string CWHITE
static std::string CRIMSON
static std::string CDARKORANGE
static std::string CGOLDENROD
static std::string COLIVE
static std::string CLAWNGREEN
static std::string CGREENYELLOW
static std::string CPALEGREEN
static std::string CMEDSPRINGGREEN
static std::string CLIGHTSEAGREAN
static std::string CCYAN
static std::string CSTEELBLUE
static std::string MIDNIGHTBLUE
static std::string CWHEAT

Protected Member Functions

void startList (const size_t numPoints, const size_t numTriangles, bool bWithEdges=true)
void endList ()

Protected Attributes

std::ofstream outFile

Static Protected Attributes

static const std::string colorNames [27]
static const std::string colorArray [27]
static int nextColorIdx

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