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License related functions

License related functions for "LM" builds. More...


#define WOFLIC_GRACE_OK   11
#define WOFLIC_TRIAL   13
#define WOFLIC_INVALID   14
#define WOFLIC_PURE   15


int GEOM_WOF::getLicenseState ()
 Check the license state. More...
void GEOM_WOF::printLicense ()
 Print license details.
bool GEOM_WOF::isPure ()
 Check if pure or lm build.
bool GEOM_WOF::activateWof (const char *key, bool bSystemWide)
 Activate WOF license. More...
bool GEOM_WOF::deactivateWof ()
 Deactivate WOF license. More...
bool GEOM_WOF::extendTrial (const char *key)
 Extend Trial. More...

Detailed Description

Functions related to the license: Activation, deactivation, trial-extension... Not active in "PURE" builds.

Macro Definition Documentation



WOFLIC_ACTIVATED means the software is activated



WOFLIC_GRACE_EXPIRED means the software is activated but re-verification (no internet) has failed for a long time. Invalid.


#define WOFLIC_GRACE_OK   11

WOFLIC_GRACE_OK means the software is activated but re-verification has failed (no internet, valid for a sufficiently long grace period)


#define WOFLIC_INVALID   14

WOFLIC_INVALID means there is no valid license (trial, product-key)


#define WOFLIC_PURE   15

WOFLIC_PURE is the perpetual non-commercial license


#define WOFLIC_TRIAL   13

WOFLIC_TRIAL means the trial period is still active

Function Documentation

◆ activateWof()

bool GEOM_WOF::activateWof ( const char *  key,
bool  bSystemWide 

This function is used when you have a WOF license key. You can choose to activate system-wide or only for the current user.

keyis the purchased software key
bSystemWideWhen true then the activation data is stored system-wide. When false the activation is made for the current user.
Activation is only done once. You can use getLicenseState() to find out if the software is already activated.
When the system-wide activation is chosen (bSystemWide=true) then the application needs admin-priviledges.

◆ deactivateWof()

bool GEOM_WOF::deactivateWof ( )

Deactivates the WOF license on the present computer so that the key can be used on another machine. This function enables you to replace a computer. Do not use over-frequently, the number of deactivations is limited, it's not a floating license.

true in case of success, false otherwise

◆ extendTrial()

bool GEOM_WOF::extendTrial ( const char *  key)
keyis a Trial-Extension-key. You ask for such a key to extend the trial period for your non-commercial research project (see the guidelines) or for an extended commercial test periord.
true in case of success, false otherwise

◆ getLicenseState()

int GEOM_WOF::getLicenseState ( )
WOFLIC_ACTIVATED when the software is activated
WOFLIC_TRIAL during the trial period
WOFLIC_GRACE_OK when activated but verification has failed (no internet access) which is valid for a grace period
WOFLIC_GRACE_EXPIRED when activated but verification has failed (no internet) for a long time
WOFLIC_INVALID otherwise (trial expired, no license)