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Version related functions

Version related functions. More...


void GEOM_WOF::printVersion ()
 Print version number. More...
void GEOM_WOF::getVersion (int &versionMajor, int &versionMinor)
 Get version numbers. More...
bool GEOM_WOF::isRelease ()
 Check if the present binary is a Release or Debug build. More...

Detailed Description

Functions to identify Debug- and Release builds and to fetch the version number.

Function Documentation

◆ getVersion()

void GEOM_WOF::getVersion ( int &  versionMajor,
int &  versionMinor 

Returns the WOF version number

versionMajor,versionMinor[out] are used to return the major and minor version number

◆ isRelease()

bool GEOM_WOF::isRelease ( )
true when the library has been compiled in release mode or false otherwise

◆ printVersion()

void GEOM_WOF::printVersion ( )

Prints the version number to stdout