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GEOM_FADE25D::Label Class Reference

Label is a Text-Label for Visualization. More...

#include <Label.h>

Public Member Functions

 Label (const Label &other)
 Label (const Point2 &p_, const char *s_, bool bWithMark_=true, int fontSize_=8)
 Constructs a Text-Label. More...
const char * getCS () const
Labeloperator= (const Label &other)

Public Attributes

bool bWithMark
int fontSize
Point2 p
LDat * pDat

Detailed Description

See also
Visualizer2 where Label objects are used for visualizations

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ Label()

GEOM_FADE25D::Label::Label ( const Point2 p_,
const char *  s_,
bool  bWithMark_ = true,
int  fontSize_ = 8 
p_is the point where the label appears
s_is the text to be shown
bWithMark_switches between text-only and text-with-mark

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