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GEOM_FADE25D::CompPolygon Struct Reference

Connected component with boundary- and hole polygons. More...

#include <Zone2.h>

Public Member Functions

 CompPolygon (const CompPolygon &other)
CompPolygonoperator= (const CompPolygon &other)

Public Attributes

std::vector< Triangle2 * > * pvCC
 Connected component of triangles (connection along edges, not just vertices)
std::vector< Edge2 > * pvOuterPolygon
 Ordered outer polygon.
std::vector< std::vector< Edge2 > > * pvvHolePolygons
 Ordered hole polygons.

Detailed Description

The CompPolygon struct holds a connected component of triangles. Thereby two triangles count as connected if they share a common edge. It also holds an ordered vector of polygon edges and ordered vectors of hole edges.

An edge is represented by a triangle and an opposite index. Its orientation is always counterclockwise (CCW) around the triangle. Thus outer polygon edges are counterclockwise while hole polygons (if any) are clockwise (CW) oriented.

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