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GEOM_FADE2D::FadeExport Struct Reference

FadeExport is a simple struct to export triangulation data. More...

#include <FadeExport.h>

Public Member Functions

void extractTriangleNeighborships (std::vector< std::pair< int, int > > &vNeigs) const
 Determine index-pairs of adjacent triangles.
void getCoordinates (int vtxIdx, double &x, double &y) const
 Get the coorinates for a certain vertex index. More...
void getCornerIndices (int triIdx, int &vtxIdx0, int &vtxIdx1, int &vtxIdx2) const
 Get the corner indices of a certain triangle. More...
void print () const
 Print data for demonstration purposes.
bool writeObj (const char *filename) const
 Write an *.obj file (supported by virtually any 3D viewer)

Public Attributes

double * aCoords
 Cartesian coordinates (dim*numPoints)
int * aCustomIndices
 Custom indices of the points (only when exported)
int * aTriangles
 3 counterclockwise oriented vertex-indices per triangle (3*numTriangles)
int dim
int numCustomIndices
 number of custom indices (same as numPoints when exported, otherwise 0)
int numPoints
 number of points
int numTriangles
 number of triangles

Detailed Description

This data structure is there to get data out of Fade easily and memory efficiently. The source code of this class is deliberately included in the header file so that users can take over the code to their individual project.

Have a look at the Examples.

Member Function Documentation

◆ getCoordinates()

void GEOM_FADE2D::FadeExport::getCoordinates ( int  vtxIdx,
double &  x,
double &  y 
) const
vtxIdx[in] vertex index
x,y[out] coordinates

◆ getCornerIndices()

void GEOM_FADE2D::FadeExport::getCornerIndices ( int  triIdx,
int &  vtxIdx0,
int &  vtxIdx1,
int &  vtxIdx2 
) const
triIdx[in] triangle index
vtxIdx0,vtxIdx1,vtxIdx2[out] corner indices

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