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Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
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 CBbox2Bbox2 is an axis aligned bounding box
 CCAF_ComponentCAF_Component stands for CUT AND FILL COMPONENT. It represents a connected area of the surface
 CConstraintGraph2ConstraintGraph2 is a set of Constraint Edges to be enforced. These are ConstraintSegment2 objects
 CConstraintSegment2A ConstraintSegment2 represents a Constraint Edge
 CEdge2Directed Edge
 CFade_2DDelaunay triangulation - the main class
 CFunc_gtEdge2DFunctor to sort edges by 2d length (descending)
 CFunc_ltEdge25DFunctor to sort edges by 2.5d length (ascending)
 CFunc_ltEdge2DFunctor to sort edges by 2d length (ascending)
 CIsoContoursIsoContours uses a fast datastructure to compute intersections of horizontal planes with a given list of triangles
 CMeshGenParamsParameters for the mesh generator
 CSegmentCheckerSegmentChecker identifies intersecting line segments
 CTriangleAroundVertexIteratorIterator for all triangles around a given vertex
 CUserPredicateTUser defined predicate
 CVisualizer2Visualizer2 is a general Postscript writer. It draws the objects Point2, Segment2, Triangle2, Circle2 and Label
 CZone2Zone2 is an exactly defined area of a triangulation