Fade3D Delaunay Tetrahedralization

New 3D Delaunay Tetrahedralization library for C++

Fade3D generalizes the ideas and solutions of the established Fade2D software to 3D. The library is now in a public beta testing phase to ensure that all of its components (software, build tools, documentation) perform as expected.

Note: Fade3D generates tetrahedra. Are you looking for point-cloud-to-triangle software? Then try the WOF Point Cloud Mesher

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Hi, I am trying Fade3D with input of point cloud. How can I export the result to something like pcl::polygonmesh or the combination of vertices and indices? It has commercial potential once the trial is acceptable.

Hi Julian,

Fade3D is a Delaunay *tetrahedralization* i.e., it creates tetrahedral meshes. In contrast it seems that you want to reconstruct a surface from an input point cloud, right? In this case you should try the WOF Point Cloud Mesher.

Note: A new WOF version will be released soon. If you miss a feature or if you should find a problem, let me know so that I can include a solution.

Hi, I would like to try using your 3D tetrahedralization implementation in my research. Would there be an way I could use Fade3D C++ library?

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