Fade Licensing

Fade has been designed for an industrial environment. It is robust and fast enough to triangulate many millions of points. There is a student license, eval licenses and a commercial license for professional users.

  • Save development costs
  • Reduce your product’s time to market
  • Make it instantly fast and robust


Student license

Fade is not free software. But the student license is free of charge for personal non-commercial scientific research and can be downloaded without registration. Please put a link to Fade on your research homepage or project page and cite Fade in scientific publications using it. When you distribute it with your non-commercial research software then you must clearly point out that commercial use requires a valid commercial license.

Commercial license

All other applications, including commercial in-house usage, require a commercial license which has the advantage of maintenance, error corrections and personal support. The commercial license of Fade consists of several parts:

  • The Fade2D base component (mandatory): It covers 2D Delaunay triangulations, constrained Delaunay triangulations (insertion of segments) and the Segment Checker
  • The Mesh Generator (optional): Delaunay Meshing and Grid Meshing creates well shaped triangles inside a defined area. You might have a look at the article about Advanced Mesh Generation
  • The Fade2.5D extension (optional): Ideal for terrains and other height fields: Points have (x,y,z)-coordinates, ISO lines (contours in the terrain having the same height) can be computed and the height values z of arbitrary (x,y) coordinate pairs can be computed quickly. The meshing extension, when licensed, uses all three coordinates to construct high quality triangles. Pre-existing triangles can be imported and triangles can be cut off with a set of segments.
  • The Cut&Fill software for earthwork calculations (optional): Cut-And-Fill computes the volume between two overlapping TIN’s.
  • The Segment Checker module (included or independent from Fade): Given a set of 2D or 2.5D line segments the Segment Checker identifies intersecting segments. This module is included in the base license but can also be used independently from Fade.

For a commercial license please contact the author. Please include information about your software project and which of the above optional components you plan to use.



In no case can we be made responsible for damages of any kind that arise in connection with the use or non-usability of our software or the information provided on our internet pages. If you don’t accept these terms, you are not allowed to use our software. Using Fade2D or Fade2.5D for military research and applications is not accepted.

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