C++ Meshing Libraries

2.5 D Delaunay TIN

2.5D Delaunay Triangulation
Point Cloud Simplification
Valley/Ridge Optimization

Shape triangulation and polygon clipping

Shape Triangulation
Polygon Clipping
Boolean Operations

WOF Point Cloud Mesher

Ultra-fast C++Surface Reconstruction Library

Fade2D Delaunay Triangulation

C++ Delaunay library with industrial robustness and top-performance. 2D and 2.5D Delaunay triangulations. Voronoi Diagram, Polygon Clipper, Quality-Mesher, Segment-Intersection-Finder. Simplification, Filtering and Smoothing for Point Clouds. Zones, Cut-and-Fill, Breakline-Insertion, Flowpath optimization. Fade is actively developed and maintained.

Fade3D Delaunay Triangulation

Fast 3D Delaunay Library