WOF Point Cloud Mesher

WOF Point Cloud Mesher is a fast 3D surface reconstruction and meshing software.

  • 3D Point Cloud to Triangle Mesh
  • Triangle Mesh to Quality Point Cloud
  • Triangle Mesh to Triangle Mesh

WOF is provided as a command line tool and as a static C++ library for Windows and Linux. The library is documented here.

3D Point Cloud to Triangle Mesh

The WOF mesher takes a point cloud as input and it constructs a triangle mesh. Thereby the mesh resolution can be chosen and the command line tool can be used like this:

1: ./wof.exe --reconstruct cloud.bin -o mesh.list -a 1.1
2: ./wof.exe --reconstruct cloud.ply -o mesh.ply -f 3.0
3: ./wof.exe --reconstruct cloud.xyz -o mesh.stl
  • In the first case the user has knowledge about the point cloud density and he specifies a certain spacing value (“-a 1.1”) that fits.
  • In the second case WOF estimates the average point cloud density to find an appropriate spacing value. The user wants to apply factor 3 (“-f 3.0”) on the spacing value to achieve a coarser triangle mesh or to close holes better.
  • In the third case WOF also estimates the average point cloud density but no specific factor is provided. In this case WOF uses factor 2 (“-f 2.0”) to account for inhomogeneous point cloud density.

Supported point cloud file formats are *.xyz: a simple ASCII format with 3 coordinates per line, *.ply in ASCII and binary form and *.bin which is a raw binary format. Triangle meshes can be in ASCII STL form or *.ply in ASCII and binary form. Writing *.list files for the Geomview viewer is supported.

WOF Mesher v1.03



Stanford Bunny Point Cloud, 1 mio. points

Stanford Bunny Point Cloud, 1 mio. points

Stanford Bunny Reconstructed Triangle Mesh

Stanford Bunny, Triangle Mesh with 140 kT, reconstructed in 2 seconds.


Triangle Mesh to Quality Point Cloud

This is the opposite computation: A triangle mesh exists and you want a quality point cloud that considers also features of the geometry.

wof.exe -t ASCII_STL/Music_Art.stl -o cloud.ply -a .1

The above command uses “-a 0.1”. With this (approximate-) spacing distance WOF creates 1.74 mio. points. Halving the spacing would create 4 times more points: With “-a 0.05” WOF creates 6.97 mio. points.

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