WOF Point Cloud Mesher

WOF Point Cloud Mesher is a fast 3D surface reconstruction tool for command line use (and a C++ library version is under development). WOF Mesher is totally FREE during its development beta phase. Especially now its development is very active so make sure you use the latest version. Planned features that will be available shortly are:

  • Hole filling option
  • Automatic feature lines
  • Support for multiple point clouds with automatic alignment
  • C++ library for Point Cloud Meshing (almost done, a release sits around the corner)
  • Additonal file formats

Supported input file formats are

  • *.xyz (ASCII, space separated x y z coordinates) and
  • *.ply (ASCII and binary).

Output meshes are written as

  • binary STL,
  • binary PLY or
  • *.list (for Geomview).
WOF Mesher Beta1



Stanford Bunny point cloud, reconstructed triangular mesh

Stanford Bunny, 1 Million points, reconsructed in 4 seconds (the Linux version is faster than the Windows version, the binaries are not optimized yet)


The algorithm assumes that the point cloud density is approximately uniform. If this is not the case use the -f option to adapt the spacing value to your needs. In case that anything should not work as expected please provide feedback and/or download the latest version.



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